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Mendabath Is Officially Carbon Neutral

We are excited to announce that Mendabath is the first sanitary restoration company in the UK to be carbon neutral. Mendabath has achieved the carbon-neutral international standard, which is policed by Carbon Footprint Ltd. With the GHG calculation also prepared in accordance with The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard.

Carbon Footprint measures and adults carbon emissions ‘at source’ and advises how to improve operations and offset any remaining emissions via carbon credits. By doing this, they can assist Mendabath in protecting the environment while running the businesses. All direct emissions resulting from the business, indirect emissions from the purchase of electricity, and all business travel are all included in the final calculations.

Currently, the United Kingdom’s construction industry produces 13.5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. At Mendabath, we want to take action and provide an alternative solution that gives people the option to give their bathroom a makeover without causing more damage to the planet. Becoming Carbon neutral is only one step in our sustainability journey as we continue to look for eco-friendly ways that we can improve. 

Mendabath, which already takes an eco-friendly approach by restoring sanitary ware, using vegan-friendly materials and non-toxic chemicals, is committed to offsetting any unavoidable operational emissions. Carbon offsetting allows us to fund solutions that reduce carbon emissions and combat global climate change while also giving back to local communities. The move to carbon-neutral will see Mendath to support a range of projects such as reforestation, renewable energy generation, and increasing clean water.

We have bold ambitions to continue to reduce our environmental impact as we work towards giving homeowners, landlords, and renters an option to ethically revamp their bathrooms without causing any further impact on the environment. Mendabaths wealth of knowledge and passion for delivering further positive environmental and social outcomes is what sets us apart from the competition. When you work with Mendabath, you can guarantee that you are looking after your home and your planet.