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Basin Resurfacing

Choose in situ basin resurfacing and repair from a team that holds expertise in reviving your old basin to look as good as new.

Whether you want to restore an old ornate basin in a country hotel or repair a model undercounter basin in Soho, avoid the cost, mess and inconvenience of a replacement, by choosing  Mendabath’s basin resurfacing or basin repair service. Carried out by our highly trained specialists’ technicians we will deliver a service tailored to your needs. Mendabath technicians have been assisting housekeepers, chief engineering managers, maintenance managers, general managers, contractors, construction managers, site managers and project planners from across the UK restore their damaged and worn basins back to a high gloss brilliant white finish.  Mendabath delivers solutions that are quick and cost-effective with no mess, and no fuss.  Our services are ideally suited for the hospitality industry as we do not create excess noise, our martials contain no carcinogenic substances such as isocyanides and best of all rooms are back in service in as little as 24 hours.     

We do not restore kitchen sinks. The reason being it is our experience; kitchens sinks are used in a way that is not conducive to being resurfaced.  they are subjected to hot and heavy pans, all types of oils spices and colourants such as tea bags as well as sharp knives etc being dropped onto them repeatedly. This is not to mention the bleaches and cleaning products used within a kitchen environment.  for the above reasons we do not recommend resurfacing a kitchen sink.

If you have any further questions or would like to explore our basin resurfacing or repair services, please feel free to reach out to us.   

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At Mendabath UK, we believe that real value comes from the perfect fusion of high-level expertise and high quality material. Our basin resurfacing / repair solution involves the repair of cracks, scratches and all kinds of flaws through the use of our exclusive material that works as a protective shield, thereby extending the life of your bathroom basin.

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