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Corporate Shower Tray Restoration

Mendabath UK promises in situ corporate shower tray restoration and resurfacing by experts who know how to get the job done no matter how tricky the location is.

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When it comes to space and efficiency, standalone showers have grown in popularity with consumers and builders a like. Furthermore, they seem like a cost-effective and convenient option until, that is you are faced with the challenge of replacing them in the event of damage or wear. With Mendabath UK by your side we will deliver a shower tray repair or shower tray resurfacing, in a clean neat non-intrusive way.  You don’t have to spend all that money and wasted time, with your rooms offline or subject your guess to endure the inconvenience of building noise and dust and disruption. We offer a corporate shower tray restoration service providing experts you can rely on for a service that can make any shower tray shinier and easier to clean restoring them to their original gloss white.   


Exclusive Material for Extended Life

We guarantee our shower tray repair and shower tray resurfacing services as not only do we have sole access to our in-house materials, but our team of shower tray repair specialists are meticulous in their work.  

Your Sustainable partner for shower tray repair. We strongly believe in reducing waste and using the planets scares recourse wisely. As a company we are committed to are continuingly looking for way to reduce the impact of what we do on the environment.  That is why we are a Carbon Neutral company supporting clean energy initiatives around the globe.      

Your tray will have a spray gun finish, not a heat moulded acrylic finish as with a new tray. 

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Shower Tray Repair

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